Welcome to Tableco!

Hello + Welcome to Tableco! Founded in 2020 by us, Marylou + Alyssa, we turned what we’d sketched out while on pallets in our living rooms during sleep overs two decades prior into a boutique that combines our love of style + community !
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We offer women (+ men’s) retail, accessories, home decor, and gifts. When selecting our inventory, we thought about all the things we HAD to share with our girlfriends. While trendy is fun, we hope Tableco supplies you with both timeless pieces you can love for years and with quirky pieces to help you embrace your confidence and beauty! We believe we are image-bearers and the women wearing our pieces are SO much more valuable than the clothing!


Our name (TABLE-co) is a made-up word that has little to do with making tables and a lot to do with our belief in cultivating and sustaining community. Much like the Acts 2 church, we want to provide a common space for people to gather [around a table.] “…And they devoted themselves to teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” [Acts 2:42]. The “co” simply represents that we are cousins (that act a lot more like sisters in nature) who are passionate about building community with a place for everyone. We like to refer to ourselves as “the Marketplace of Hospitality” as we have curated a shop filled with intentional gifts, cute clothes, and a little bit of everything in between! 

We’d love to be your first stop for a gift — a fresh bouquet or a signature necklace, or for you to come shop the items we’ve selected with love + care. We’re looking forward to you becoming a regular!